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Nourish your hands with the hand lotion, Meadow Bliss, from Meraki. The lotion is an organic certified product that provides your skin with moisture and care. Meadow Bliss has fresh scents of citrus, verbena, mint and tea. The hand lotion comes in a stylish bottle that will provide your bathroom or kitchen with the perfect look. The product is suitable for everyday use and can be used by all skin types [click on the “+” sign to see the product]

Add warmth and comfort to the home with stylish textiles in darker and toned down colours. House Doctor presents a beautiful cushion cover in a brown colour with a pattern of the same shade. The beautiful cover creates a cosy atmosphere and makes the sofa extra comfortable. You can also use the pillowcase as a decorative item on the bed in the bedroom, in the armchair in the living room or on the bench in the entrance. Wherever you place the pillow, it will decorate any home decor. [click on the “+” sign to see the product]

Create new dimensions in the home with a new mirror. The Loop from House Doctor is a stylish and elegant mirror that fits perfectly into the modern home. The mirror comes with a thin brass edge and a small circle at the top, which makes it easy to hang on a nail. Use this mirror as a beautiful wall decoration in your home. The functional design makes it easy to hang, and also move if wanted in another space. Hang the mirror by itself on the bathroom, bedroom or in the living room, or combine with the smaller The Loop mirror to create a unique and personal look in your home. [click on the “+” sign to see the product]

You can never have too much storage in the kitchen. Therefore, House Doctor presents this fine storage tin with lid. Use the lovely storage item to hide small kitchen tools or use it for storage of spices. You can also use it without the lid for storage of table napkins, cutlery or ladles. The industrial look will fit perfectly into any home regardless of style. [click on the “+” sign to see the product]

This clever set of baskets is perfect to store all your small items. You can use them for laundry in the bathroom, or as a planter! [click on the “+” sign to see the product]

The rustic look and natural material provide the Craft bowl from House Doctor with a beautiful and simple design with a fine detail in the form of two handles. Variations in the shades and surface of the wood make each copy unique and authentic and add personality to the design. Use Craft for storage and organization in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, where it will provide the decor with warmth. Note: The finish of this product may vary. [click on the “+” sign to see the product]

Trays come in many different sizes giving plenty of opportunities for using them in the home decor. Jishani from House Doctor has a dark brown shade and is big enough to contain larger decorative items such as vases, square candles and candle stands. Create your own unique display with the tray – it will create a beautiful look. You can easily change the look of the display and, for example, adapt it according to the season. [click on the “+” sign to see the product]

Mirrors and natural materials are all the rage in home decor at this moment. The mirror is a unique product, as it features recycled wood for its frame that adds warmth to any room’s décor. Hang one of these mirrors up on your wall like art or use them strategically-in the bathroom, hallway, or bedroom space-for an easy way to check yourself out before you head into work! [click on the “+” sign to see the product]

Add a stylish touch to your plants or flowers with a stunning flowerpot. Jang is a gorgeous flowerpot from House Doctor that is made of aluminium. The flowerpot comes in a classic black colour with a raw and timeless expression that suits most types of interior styles. Use the flowerpot to showcase a pretty green plant or your favourite flowers. Jang measures 15 cm in diameter and 26 in height. No matter what you decide to do with Jang, we guarantee that it will become an eye-catching element in your home. [click on the “+” sign to see the product]